Document Shredding Services

  • We make document shredding affordable, efficient, and fast! We offer you personalized service with options for daily, weekly, or monthly document shredding, as well as one-time pick-up services. Whatever is most convenient!
  • We will ensure reliable, regular document shredding services for your home or place of business.
  • We deliver security bins to your location (at no cost) at the prearranged time. Our shredding technicians pick up the document shredding material in the bins or in any container that you have stored your paper in, and transport them to our secure facility, where the documents are shredded.
  • We provide a Certificate of Destruction with every pickup.

We Service:

  • Business and Office

    There is a constant influx of documents- sensitive ones- in any office, regardless of its size or type of business. These documents may contain personal records or personal information. Guarding the safety of this information, and destroying/disposing of it, is imperative. The largest percentage of industrial record shredding users are businesses and offices. This is not surprising. What may be surprising is how convenient and cost-effective it may be to hire a business shredding service like us. We offer on-going daily, weekly and monthly shredding for your convenience, at a price that makes it worth delegating this task and just not worrying about it any longer.
  • Medical and Healthcare

    Sorme of the most private and sensitive records lay in the hands of medical and healthcare professionals. This is why the laws of patient privacy are so strictly maintained. Our medical record shredding services can help discard this sensitive information cautiously, professionally, and with utmost care.
  • Legal and Financial

    Ineffective document disposal at a legal or financial place of business can easily lead to identity theft, corporate fraud, and other high security risks. There is so much personal and sensitive information circulated at businesses like this. We like to think that when we offer legal record shredding, we are stopping potential crime right there.
  • Educational Institutions

    Student records! These are documents with important personal information about children and young adults, anywhere from elementary school to state university age. A breach of security regarding this information would be devastating. This is why so many educational institutions are hiring and relying on the expertise of education document destruction services. We promise to protect the sensitive information of your educational institutions in a manner that is reliable, efficient, quick and affordable.
  • Residential and Home Office

    The risks of personal identity thefts and spying are not limited to big businesses. These crimes are growing in the U.S., so it is important to keep sensitive documents around the house away from prying eyes. We offer residential documents shredding services to help home businesses- and homes!- function securely and efficiently without spending any time on the elimination process.

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