OSHA requires training for all your employees by December 1, 2013. The requirement affects all your employees with potential exposure to hazardous chemicals.

OSHA’s training requirement is just the beginning in a move to ensure employees are not only knowledgeable about hazardous chemicals but can also comprehend the information related to hazardous chemicals. OSHA has adopted the Globally Harmonized System to meet this objective..

Your MSDS’s are changing to a new GHS format called SDS. This new
Safety Data Sheet will have a standardized; format, wording, and pictograms across
all manufacturers. Please take the time to familiarize yourself with the new pictograms
below. Most of your MSDS’s have NOT been changed to the new format, and
manufacturers have until June, 2015 to make the changes.
However, you and your staff MUST take the GHS Hazcom training by
December 1st, 2013, which is available in your online training center.

The new pictograms are as follows:

    • Health Hazard
    • Flame
    • Exclamation Mark
    • Corrosion
    • Exploding Bomb
    • Gas Cylinder
    • Flame Over Circle
    • Skull and Crossbone

The actual pictograms and detailed GHS information are covered in the MedWaste OSHA Training


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