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Hazardous Waste VS. Bio Hazardous Waste

Yes. The two terms sound similar. But hazardous waste is very different from bio-hazardous waste. Though they  both can be produced in a health care environment, Bio- hazardous waste is what you would typically find in a health care setting. It includes used syringes, razors, lancets and other devices that come in contact with bodily fluids. Both human and animal fluids. Hazardous waste on the other hand, is used to specifically refer to waste that waste deemed hazardous by the RCRA ACT. A waste would be deemed hazardous based on its level of re-activity. Some are hazardous since they are flammable, others are corrosive. These substances need to be handled, stored and disposed of in a very specific way. While there are great requirements for the disposal of bio-hazardous waste, hazardous waste requirements and regulations are certainly more stringent. This is certainly due to the danger posed by the mistreatment of hazardous wastes.  The disposal for hazardous waste is monitored and regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Toxic Substance Control and other Federal, state and local bodies.


There is a lot of information out there about the proper disposal and treatment of medical waste, hazardous waste and other wastes. Treating waste correctly is very important for our way of living and also reflective of our general social attitudes.

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