Is Donald Trump Going To Affect Medical Waste Disposal Regulations?

How does Donald Trump feel about environmental safety regulations?

Is Donald Trump going to affect medical waste or other environmental safety regulations once he becomes President? Will he look to make them more or less stringent?

It can be said, that there are plenty of people who are fearful that Donald trump will not put forth or strengthen policies that have to d with environmental protection and the like. Maybe he seems cavalier about following the rules! Perhaps further regulating medical waste disposal would be considered adding “red tape”. The type of “red tape” that Donald has been repeatedly saying is bringing down small and medium sized businesses!

Others have been less critical of Donald’s contempt for “red tape” and “bogus legislation”.

“Donald may strongly believe in the obligation of government to step in and put forth policies that will protect our environment, even if it means regulating businesses”, writes an insider.
This type of regulation is great, and would not be called “red tape” or “bogus legislation by Donald Trump!

“It’s the unnecessary, ineffective and complicated regulation that bothers the President elect!”
In any case, medical waste is an area where the government has already put forth policies to ensure safety for medical staff and patients alike. The health care industry and various medical waste disposal companies have added their own policies to keep medical waste management even safer! It is important to maintain these standards, to stay safe, and to work with a medical waste disposal company that you feel comfortable with.
It’s common sense and we take it very seriously.
I wonder how the new administration will feel…

Happy New Year From MedWaste Management!

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