OSHA requires training for all your employees by December 1, 2013. Furthermore OSHA has adopted the Globally Harmonized System to provide more comprehensible SDS’s so employees can have a greater understanding and be more knowledgeable about the information related to hazardous chemicals.

MSDS’s are being converted to a new GHS format called SDS. The SDS’s will now have standardized format, wording and pictograms for all manufacturers. The idea behind Safety Data Sheets is to make it easier to quickly locate the important information with the standardized format and faster to view and understand the hazards with the pictograms. Note though that most of your MSDS’s have not yet been converted as manufacturers have until June 2015 to update to SDS.

Below are the new pictograms, keep in mind that although it will likely take some time for all the MSDS’s to be changed to SDS’s you and your staff have to take the GHS Hazcom training by December 1st.



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