Choosing a Medical Waste Disposal Company!


A full service MW company will be flexible enough to meet a healthcare office’s changing needs, such as adding extra pickup days when needed. Your MW Company should also provide DOT compliant containers that fit you office’s waste stream needs. Additionally other key services your MW Company should provide are:

  • Training and support in regulatory and environmental compliance. DOT and OSHA both require specific training for people handling regulated medical waste. Understand which of these training programs are available as a complementary service from your provider.
  • Manifest and shipping documentation service. Your MW Company should be able to provide you with documentation of all your MW shipments. Federal DOT requires shippers to maintain shipping documents for two years, but some states have their own individual requirements that go beyond that requirement.
  • OSHA Compliance Tools and Services. Protecting your facility and employees goes beyond Regulated Medical Waste Handling. Many providers also offer a suite of OSHA compliance services to provide a well-rounded protection program that is simple and easy to follow. As regulatory experts, these companies can help take the guess work out of your OSHA Compliance plan. Be sure to ask about the tools and services as well as the staff dedicated to keeping the program up-to-date.

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